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Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia

Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia is modern day, premium firearms manufacturer based on dedicated professionals who had the vision to change the firearms industry. We were not satisfied with production of the same designs over and over again just because it safely makes money. We wanted to think out of box with no boundaries, use the best todays approaches, technologies and materials and bring the future to shooters. This was not possible in big corporates, that is why we enterprised Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia. To make the best firearms in the world.

Our story starts in 2001 when in Trenčín (Roman: Laugaricio) group of passionate designers around Ján Lučanský, the chief designer, and Frank Gašparík founded independent design bureau. After the success with M8A SMG Laugo was closely cooperating with CZ factory to adopt M8A into mass production as CZ Scorpion EVO 3. However the world of mass production of obsolete designs was very limiting and not satisfying at all. Therefore in 2013, Laugo ceased its cooperation with CZ.

Start of independent production.

In 2017 Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia s.r.o. Has moved its operations to Prague and become fully capable firearms manufacturing company. By than the original Laugo team has been joined by Daniel Selichar, investor and Ondřej Poděl former CZ marketing director with Ján Lučanský as chief designer. The aim of this move was to establish platform spirited to design and manufacture high end, revolutionary firearms designs. First of the Laugo Arms production models is the Alien pistol. But others are coming soon...

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